Anniversary Party Impression by AT5

Anniversary Party Impression by AT5

Party crowd during the 50 Year Anniversary

The Amsterdam News Channel AT5 has made an impression about the smashing 50 Year Anniversary Party of Casa Rosso last weekend. In the movie several business partners, employees and friends of Casa Rosso tell about the company, the owner and the business.

“The Red Light District cannot exist without Casa Rosso” says owner Jan Otten at the end of the clip. And as the King of the Red Light District, he is probably right.

Watch the full clip of the Casa Rosso Anniversary party ON THE website of AT5.

Casa Rosso 50 year anniversary

50 Year Anniversary

Casa Rosso 50 Year Anniversary

It's time to party! In 2018, Casa Rosso celebrates its 50 Year Anniversary. Live erotic entertainment, 7 days a week since 1968. Owner Jan Otten still sells the entrance tickets himself, you can find him behind the desk every evening, keeping an eye on things. In this roaring area Casa Rosso still stands strong, as the only theatre in Amsterdam that offers live erotic performances on stage. Happy birthday!

Casa Rosso on National News

Casa Rosso on National News

party red carpetThe 50 year anniversary of Casa Rosso was announced on the Dutch news channel SBS6 in the program Hart Van Nederland. They even call Casa Rosso ‘probably the most famous erotic theatre of the World!’

In the short impression owner Jan Otten tells (in Dutch) about his career at Casa Rosso. He started at Casa Rosso checking the tickets at the entrance. Nowadays he is still working 6 days a week at the entrance, selling tickets. He never sees a show himself though, as it might distract the entertainers.

Amsterdam has changed a lot in the last couple of years. “Luckily the police cooperates much better with Casa Rosso and some difficult customers nowadays”, says bouncer Chris Dolman, who has been working at Casa Rosso from the beginning.

Watch the full item on Hart van Nederland(start at 19.24). 

Christmas at Nursing Home De Flesseman

Christmas at the Nursing Home

Hanna Frits

Every year Casa Rosso organizes a Christmas party for the residents and caregivers of the nursing home De Flesseman at the Nieuwmarkt. This party is held during an afternoon in December. Because of the well-known artists that come and perform then, the Christmas party is very well-known within the neighborhood. Owner Jan Otten finds it very important that the elderly of this nursing home have a wonderful Christmas as well. He wants to organize this party as a Christmas gift to the elderly and caregivers. 

With this post we announce the first artists: Duo Hanna and Frits. They will sing typical Amsterdam songs which are highly appreciated by the residents of the nursing home, who mainly have their roots in Amsterdam.

Soon we will announce who the second artist of this Christmas party will be. 

Partytime: 50 years Casa Rosso

Partytime: 50 years Casa Rosso

Casa Rosso 50 year party AmsterdamOur world famous erotic theatre celebrates its 50 year anniversary... so last weekend, it was party time!

Every evening -except on Sundays- proud owner Jan Otten can be found in front of the theatre. Jan, also known as the King of the Red Light District, will continue to do so 'until his last breath'. In the past 50 years much has changed in the area, but Casa Rosso still stands strong and the pink elephant remains a familiar icon on Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

On Saturday 20th October it was time to party! In a beautifully decorated venue we celebrated with family, friends, colleagues and business partners. It was an evening with impressive musical performances of George McCrae, Glennis Grace, Tavares, Gerard Joling and many more. The guests enjoyed drinks and delicious food, ice cream and oysters and a magic performance by Andrew Melia. Our talented pole dancer Shandy made sure the evening was 100% Casa Rosso style.

See an impression in the gallery (photos by Sander Baks).

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