Casa Rosso on National News

party red carpetThe 50 year anniversary of Casa Rosso was announced on the Dutch news channel SBS6 in the program Hart Van Nederland. They even call Casa Rosso ‘probably the most famous erotic theatre of the World!’

In the short impression owner Jan Otten tells (in Dutch) about his career at Casa Rosso. He started at Casa Rosso checking the tickets at the entrance. Nowadays he is still working 6 days a week at the entrance, selling tickets. He never sees a show himself though, as it might distract the entertainers.

Amsterdam has changed a lot in the last couple of years. “Luckily the police cooperates much better with Casa Rosso and some difficult customers nowadays”, says bouncer Chris Dolman, who has been working at Casa Rosso from the beginning.

Watch the full item on Hart van Nederland (start at 19.24). 

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