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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a reservation?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make a reservation, you can visit Casa Rosso during opening hours at any time you prefer.

Can I reserve a seat front row?

Unfortunately not. We have free seating, subject to availability.

How do I reserve for a group?

Unfortunately we don't take group reservations, groups can but entrance tickets at the cash desk and enter during opening times.

At what time does the show begin?

Each day we host a selection of our acts and performances. Our selection repeats throughout the night. You are welcome at the time of your choosing. You will be seated between performances where you can enjoy our show for as long as you like.

Do you serve drinks?

Yes, our waiter will serve the drink of your choice at your seat. Our fully stocked bar has all your favourite beverages/drinks and mixes. Be sure to buy a ticket including drinks. If you bought a ticket without a drink you can buy a consumption voucher at the cashier.

Are the shows women-friendly?

They sure are, because we respect women!

I lost my phone/wallet/jacket etc., did you find it?

Contact us and we will check the ‘lost and found’. The day after your visit, you can also ask at the door before opening time. We are happy to check for you!

Do you need new performers, can I work at Casa Rosso?
At the moment we don't need new staff or artists, due to Covid19

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