Sexy Loo

Are you in Red Light District and in urgent need of a toilet or would you like to freshen up during a long walk through the city? Then this public toilet is a true Red Light Experience!
Once you are inside you imagine yourself in the Red Light area with the red lights, the windowns and the small alleys. Each toilet has its own unique interior which adds an extra dimension to your visit to the toilet. When you close the door, a closed curtain will appear on your door. Clips of ladies and gentlemen watching you will add to the fun. In short: Sexy Loo is a once in a lifetime experience!
Disabled access and changing table for babies available.

  • Sexy Loo entree

    Winner of the Sign 2020 award!

    Sexy Loo

    Oudezijds Achterburgwal 86

    Closed due to covid19 restrictions until further notice.
    € 2 per visit

    With a Sexy Loo ticket you will receive a discount of € 2 at the Erotic Museum!

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